Need For Bangladeshi Maids Comes In Hong Kong

Agencies in Hong Kong are hesitant to hire Bangladeshi females, who have ethnic and lingual distinctions with the employers, it documented without elaboration. Interest in maids from Hongkong has dropped in recent years, said representatives of Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training (BMET). Within the last few 10 weeks to February, 403 Bangladeshi maids went to Hong Kong, that will be low when compared with Hongkong’s preliminary annual interest in 5,000. While migration expenses almost Tk 1.4 lakh, a maid gets around Tk 41,500 a month in incomes in Hongkong. Hong Kong offers greater salaries and working conditions to the maids, in comparison with nations in the Centre East. The firms alleged that Bangladeshi women have language barriers, however it isn’t true, according to BMET officials. Prior to hiring, employees acquire employers and language education check their language skills over Skype, they added. The recruiting organizations of Bangladesh and Hong-Kong are now actually incompatible over how much they will demand the individuals for the jobs.