Maids Cannot Perform A Nanny’s Work, Experts Need

Many Emirati people, 96 percent, have maids explained Linda Chaccour, a Professional Youth, Parent and Household trainer and president of Emerge-Existence and Youth Couching through the Nanny Issue period in the Emirates Flight Festival of Literature on Thursday. Chaccour told Gulf News to the sidelines of the celebration that almost all individuals choose to employ a maid as opposed to a professional nanny as the latter may charge at the least Dh1,500 per week, while a maid prices Dh1,500 per month. Chaccour added because she might be discouraged by an informed female learning to be a second mom to her children that another reason why some women might pick a maid in the place of a nanny is. Regardless of what associated with, counting on maids almost fully to raise kids has its outcomes. Counting on maids could make children feel forgotten, causing them to own behavioural problems in the foreseeable future. Another concern is parents overindulging and spoiling their kids to compensate for feeling guilty after causing them together with the maid, she said.