A Shed In Lankan Runaway Maids

maid a year ago, 15 Saudi vendors registered cases against Sri-Lankan housemaids who ran away from their properties in the Western Province. The vendors claimed that they had used around SR20,000 to SR25,000 each to hire a maid from Colombo. Nonetheless, the maids went out right after their appearance in the Empire, it was alleged. With the support of the local authorities, the vendors delivered them to guide and charged the runaway maids. Inside their appropriate action, the Saudi sponsors stated a repayment of the cash allocated to the hiring of these maids to the Kingdom from the involved parties. In Colombo, there’s a terrific requirement for housemaids destined for Saudi Arabia. By spending them around SR5,000 before their travel for the Empire the agents needed to attract these maids. On arrival in the Empire, the maids wanted to go back home giving false reasons, causing their sponsors in the lurch.