Malaysians To Hang For Hungry Indonesian Maid

he explained his clients would appeal against the decision on Wednesday. Worries have grown over the susceptibility of millions of Philippine, Indonesian, Cambodian and other domestic employees around Asia and the Middle East, as horrific circumstances of pain and occasionally deaths have been noted. A Cambodian maid was starved to death in 2012 by her Malaysian companies, earning 24 years in jail to them. Cambodia had quit transmitting maids annually earlier over previous abuses. A couple in Singapore pleaded guilty to neglect on Friday from being underfed for seven months after their Indonesian maid dropped 20 kilograms, a written report stated. She was also physically abused. – Hong Kong vows oversight – Hong Kong promised last week to bolster oversight of maid career after the abuse event regarding Indonesian maid Erwiana Sulistyaningsih, that has been left unable to walk.