Kathleen Wynne Should Tidy Up Homecare Mess: Hepburn

Matthews has done little to deal with these problems since getting health minister in 2009. Certainly, she’s ignored repeated warnings of increasing disorder, neglecting obvious evidence that the home-care market cant deal with the authorities general aim of controlling hospital costs by discharging individuals with false promises of home- and community-care solutions that cant be supplied. Worse, under her watch she’s failed to do anything to control earnings of CCAC and LHIN professionals. Because of that, she has lost the trust and support of front line workers, lots of whom havent seen a wage upsurge in 10 years. Matthews finally said on Tuesday she’d welcome a complete evaluation and audit of the 14 CCACs by the auditorgeneral, after dismissing the controversy for months. She made the comment only after Conservative MPP Christine Elliott required an inquiry and told the Ontario legislature that CCAC administrative fees and wages are unconscionable. It seems that cleaning up medical-care mess is too big employment for Matthews.

, though her assertion is delightful