Washing Startup Homejoy Starts An Office In Nyc

Moreover, Rueda said hes hiring tiny groups for customer service and data science. If hes productive, possibly properly view Homejoy practices following a comparable style and opening in other US locations. Evidently Rueda transferred out to Bay Area from Ny this past year when he joined Homejoy, and then be sent back to the East Coast three weeks later for his current position. The bicoastal forth -and- back was slightly of a surprise, he mentioned, but he was also flattered to be provided with responsibility over a vital location to Homejoys enterprise. Asked if you will find any special opportunities or problems within the northeast, Rueda said he couldnt think about any. Rather, he advised that the obstacles are usually more location specific Boston, for instance, as some other huge cities doesnt have the maximum amount of public transit, thus its very important to sponsor more products with cars. Established N/An Overall Total Financing $1.7M Summary Finding you to definitely clear your house is a headache. At Homejoy, they know what youre looking for: trust, high quality, versatility &rev; an inexpensive price. In addition they know you cant call & try countless skilled property products in your area by yourself.


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